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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment enables Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance area.  In accordance with state law, the District has established an open enrollment policy and implemented an open enrollment program without charging tuition for nonresident students and resident transfer students.  Open enrollment applications are available in our front office. 

The District will give enrollment priority to applicants in the following order, as long as their enrollment can be accomplished in accordance with the District's admission criteria:

1.   Students who currently attend the school and their siblings.

2.   Children of employees.

3.   Children who are in foster care or who meet the definition of unaccompanied youth prescribed in the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

4.   Resident transfer students.

5.   Nonresident students.

Application  Timelines  for  Schools  that Have  Attendance  Boundaries

 Applications will be accepted beginning March 16.  Applications are accepted on a firstĀ­ come, first-served basis within each enrollment priority group.  Names of applicants that cannot be admitted will be placed on a waiting list established for each enrollment priority group.
The District will determine whether the student's admission would be in conformity with its admission criteria. To ensure notification of admission status by July 1, the open enrollment application must be submitted by May 21. If an open enrollment application is submitted after May 21, parents/guardians may not be informed of admission status until after school begins.

Application  Timelines  for  Schools
Without  Attendance  Boundaries

For students in enrollment priority groups other than one (1) and three (3) who are initially applying to a school without attendance boundaries, the application process shall be as follows:

Selection Process:  The student's parent/guardian completes the Open Enrollment application and submits it online or to the front office.  Applications will be accepted beginning March 16 through May 21.  Should March 16 fall on a non-school day, applications will be accepted starting the next school day.  Should May 21 fall on a non-school day, the deadline will be the last school day prior to May 21.  The school will use a random selection process (lottery) to select students within each enrollment priority group.  Names of applicants not selected for enrollment will be placed on a waiting list established for each enrollment priority group as per the lottery procedures described below.  The District will determine whether the student's admission would be in conformity with its admission criteria.  Notification of open enrollment status will be made by July 1 for all applications received prior to May 21.

Selection Procedure:  The Principal, Education Secretary, and a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) board member will conduct the lottery.  The applicants will be divided by priority categories and have their names placed on separate pieces of paper and the papers placed in a container.  Names will be drawn by priority categories and numbered in the order in which they are drawn.  All applications properly submitted will be drawn and numbered for enrollment consideration.  The applicants whose names are selected in order, up to the capacity limitations established, shall be permitted to enroll in the school.  All others drawn will be placed on a waiting list with priority in accord with the lowest number.

Late applications:  Applications for open enrollment received after the May 21 deadline will be dated, filed, and considered only after students whose applications were submitted by the deadline have had an opportunity to enroll, regardless of enrollment priority groups.  Applications received after May 21 will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Hearing  Process  for  Revocation

If the District administration believes that a non-resident student or a resident transfer student has breached an open enrollment agreement by violating the rules and regulations set by the school regarding conduct, attendance, or family volunteer requirements, the District administration will notify the student and parent/guardian in writing.  Before revocation of open enrollment status for breach of agreement, the District will offer an opportunity for the student and parent/guardian to present information regarding the proposed revocation.  The District administration or designee will issue a written decision regarding whether revocation of open enrollment status is appropriate.


Nonresident open enrollment students may be eligible for District transportation from a designated pickup point on a bus route serving the attendance area of the school to which the student has been admitted, or as may be otherwise determined by the District.

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