<h2>Creighton School District Wins Apple Distinguished Program Award for a 3rd Year!</h2>

Creighton School District's "iAchieve" project has been named an Apple Distinguished Program for a 3rd year.

Creighton School Districts program is only 1 of 42 Programs Nationwide selected by Apple for a 3rd year as an Apple Distinguished Program.

As part of the project, more than 700 kindergarten and third-grade students were assigned an iPod touch for use in class. The project initially focused on improving student reading fluency through listening to iPod recordings.

Students recorded themselves reading stories, passages and high-frequency words. The recordings then became a digital record for students, with rubrics being used to evaluate and set goals for the next recording.

According to the district, Creighton has seen a 15 percent increase in reading fluency scores by students using the iPod touch, when compared to students not using the technology.

As part of the iAchieve Program for the 2013/14 school year, the District has integrated over 500 iPads into classrooms in a "Flipped" Classroom model to allow students to utilize technology full time and at home. Flipping allows students to study content lessons at home as "homework", and allows Teachers to build upon that content in the classroom with focused individualized instruction for each student.

Check out the iAchieve website for more information.